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Ca' Luna is located on the San Lorenzo Hill, halfway between the historic center of Mondovì and the Vicoforte Sanctuary. Look at the map of the area around Ca' Luna.

We advise you to...DO NOT LOSE:


  • Sanctuary of Vicoforte: Largest elliptical dome in the world and fifth largest in the world.  The visit/climb to the dome called "Magnificat" and the Landandè walks on the surrounding hills are suggestive.

  • Mondovì Historic Centre: divided into two districts: Breo  (down along the Ellero stream) and Square  (on the hill) connected byThe Funicular. In Mondovì Piazza, Piazza Maggiore (with the Mission Church, the Ceramics Museum and the medieval buildings), the Printing Museum, the Civic Tower and the Belvedere gardens (with views of the Po Valley, Langhe and the Alps from Liguria to Swiss). Look at the map of Historic Centre.

  • Panorama of the San Lorenzo Hill: bityou have to reach theChurch of S. Lorenzo, on the ridge behind Ca'Luna, with one of the walks you find on the map described below, or faster by car. A 360° panorama will welcome you with a view of the Alpine Arc, Langhe and Alta Langa. You can  take a souvenir photo onBig Bench 50 or onGiant Throne. Look at the map of walking routes on the hill.



In the surroundings of Mondovì  you can also find attractions for "every taste" (all the information at these links: ).   

                                                                                            Here are some suggestions…


  • Langhe Monregalesi and theLanghe of Barolo : from Mondovì to Alba stretch the hills famous in the world for wine, truffles, restaurants and... a unique landscape.

  • Chapel of San Fiorenzoin Bastia Mondovì: jewel of Gothic art

  • Rocca de' Baldi Castle18th century   

  • Valcasotto Castle

  • HOT AIR BALLOON flight

  • Lurisia Spa

  • Crava Morozzo Oasis: nature reserve                    

  • Bossea Caves

  • Dossi Cave

  • Caudano Caves

  • Upper Pesio and Tanaro Valley Natural Park

  • Mondovì refuge: at the sources of the Ellero   

  • Certosa di Pesio


For Athletes                                                                                              

  • Skiing at 17 km (descent and bottom)  

  • Snowshoeing

  • Bike Downhill   at 17 km     

  • Trekking and Mountain Bike-  woods, hills, alpine paths 

  • Equitation- trips to the woods, hills, mountains and snow


For shopping

  • Old Town citizen (shops open from Tuesday to Saturday)

  • Mondovicino outlet (shops open every day) about 7 km 

  • Markets:every day a market in a town in the Monregalese area; in Mondovì: Saturday and Tuesday morning                                                                                                                                                                               Back       

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